Winther für 4 Kinder

Kangaroo_Lite_4seater_black_red_coverup_product Kangaroo_Luxe_4seater_black_red_electric_product Winther_Cargoo_4seater_nocover_product          
Frame construction Aluminum 6061
Cabin base Impact-resistant polyethylene, UV stabilised
Hood Nylon, shower-proof PVC free fabric
Steering system Patented 3-point steering system
Front wheel suspension Stand-alone torsion bar suspension
Front wheels 20X1.75 with mono-suspended hub, double-based aluminum rim and hydraulic disc brakes
Back wheels 26x1.75 with internal gears and footbrake
Net weight 44 kg
Hood and seats 12 kg
Load capacity 100 kg
Wheel track spacing 86 cm
Dimensions Length 218 cm, width 90 cm, height 120 cm
Cabin dimensions Length 95 cm, width 70 cm, elbow width 73 cm,hood height above seats (front ) 73 cm (back) 54 cm

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